MPD Infiltrometer Equipment

MPD Infiltrometer

The MPD Infiltrometer replaces the double ring infiltrometer test for saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat), for design and monitoring of stormwater infiltration practices. Because it is a falling head test, it requires much less water and can be performed in a fraction of the time required for the double ring. Since the calculations and report generation are fully automated by software, interns and technicians can quickly learn to perform these tests in the field. This reduces the costs of procuring values for Ksat, bringing this data within budget for projects of all sizes. Having a site-specific Ksat value improves the design of infiltration practices, allows verification of construction of these practices, and provides hard data for required annual inspections.


Use the MPD infiltrometer to provide a site-specific Ksat for design of infiltration practices. No more relying on vague ranges provided by soil surveys! Also use it to quickly verify the construction of these practices before authorizing payment to the contractor.

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Public Works

Perform annual Ksat tests on all of your agency’s rain gardens, infiltration basins, and swales. Easily monitor any changes in infiltration capability over time.

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The MPD Infiltrometer was developed by Professor John Gulliver at the University of Minnesota and is verified by several years of testing. Correlation with the double ring infiltrometer test is well established.

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